Does A ” Black ” Superman Have A Chance of Becoming A Cultural Icon in America ?

by Black Syientology Staff Writer

It’s A Bird , It’s A Plane , No It’s Superman … It Cant be … He’s Black ! ! !

Many believe the system of racism in America prevents black superhero characters from becoming prominent cultural icons the way superman has. And because the black man has always been the target of degradation , to promote him as a ” superman ” would totally contradict the image America wants to portray of him.

This is why there have never been popular black superhero characters that represent power , honor and nobility. The qualities that ” white ” superman has been representing to the world  as a subliminal message which fortifies white male supremacy.

And because white superman is so deeply embedded in the minds of the people. To introduce a black superman would seem like nothing more than a fraud that couldn’t possibly be as powerful as his white counterpart.

And shockingly enough most blacks would feel the same way because no black man         whether ” real or fictional ” has ever displayed an aura of invincibility. Sadly , those who have tried are villainized , criticized , assassinated and their legacies devalued down to that of a mere mortal.

But as always their are those willing to pick up the cross and go against all odds. Which brings us to the creative laboratories of Black Syientology Inc who have created the Anti -Christ so to speak. A  ” Black ” superman , the notorious superhero of social media known as King Nazir Muhammad the degenerate from the planet krypton.

A character that lives in the world of social media solving the unsolvable ” real life ” problems of Black America. The self proclaimed mascot of the Black Lives Matter Movement International. The role model for a young generation of black men that have no superhero’s that they can identify with. The living symbol and personification of the new Black Power Movement going on in America.

Black Superman is the long awaited ” Black Messiah ” the last great black hero created to destroy the all powerful enemy that enslaves black minds – which is racism.

But can he really do it ? Or will he be just another example which proves that there can be only one superman – the white man.

For more on this new character visit

Black Superman’s Fortress of Solitude online @




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